Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Speed up your internet by 20%

A little tweaking can speed up a Slow Internet Connection. This doesn't add a lot of speed but those who have a very slow net connection; this for them can create all the difference.

By Default, Windows reserves 20% of bandwidth for its own use. This should be undone immediately to optimize your net speed. And I’m gonna show you how its done :) STEP by STEP

Press “Windows Key + R” (shortcut key for RUN)

Increase net speed
Windows Key + R
Now type gpedit.msc and click ok

increase net speed
This will give access to Local Group Policy Editor.

Then Navigate to Computer Configuration/ Administrative Templates/ Network/ QOS Packet Scheduler using the pane on the left side.

increase net speed
Local Group Policy Editor

Now in the right panel you will notice an option called "Limit Reservable Bandwidth". Right click on it and choose "Edit" option. (you can see in the picture above)

A new window will pop out where you find Bandwidth Limit is set to 20% by default. Now click enabled and change Bandwidth Limit to 0 then apply the changes.

increase net speed
Limit reservable bandwidth
Hit ok to close the group policy editor.

This process will give at-least a 20% speedup to your net connection.